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please challenge us to create your vision! 

What is Sweet Craftikins?
Craftikins is a combination of two words.
Craftiness is what I create.
Heidikins is my daughter's nickname. She is my motivation everyday to see the fun side of life. Most of all she's my #1 fan of all my creations and my honorary taste tester, a child this small never lies!
Add the word "sweet" to it and there you have it!

Here's a little history:
I was bitten by the "Creativity Bug" in 2004. While planning my own wedding I had a vision that no one seemed to have thought of and couldn't find anything or anyone to support my ideas. So, being the self defying person that I am I created my vision that became my perfect wedding in 2005. Others noticed the uniqueness and I soon received requests for hire. Since then I have created custom event invitations, center pieces, party favors, diaper cakes, and the list goes on.
Not too long ago I ventured on to the computer learning all about digital graphic design taking my craftiness with me. I have gotten an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement to share my creations.
So here I am world, take a browse over my site and please challenge me with ideas, orders and custom request!